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Collections – Customer Loyalty

First impressions are quite valuable. It can be difficult on the phone to make a great first impression, but that is my job. That first impression sets the tone for the rest of the call.



I also really enjoy my coworkers, we keep each other smiling throughout the day, and my management team provides incredible feedback for my professional and personal development.


Collections – Email Communication

This is a great place to work. We have the opportunity to help customers and try to make a difference. Debt collection can be negative. It’s important for me to work towards that positive experience.



Working in collections can have such a negative connotation but not here. We have a culture full of diversity with a family first environment. Each and every one of us genuinely care about the customers we are working with. We try to provide the best solution in a polite and professional manner.



At Fresh View solutions I try to listen to each individual situation. My internal goal is for the customer to view our interaction as positive.


Manager, Operations

There is a ton of excitement on our call center floor. Each employee tries to make a positive impact during the customer interaction.


Debt Settlement – Customer Loyalty

Give us a call. Let’s work together to find a solution. I have been in the debt collection industry for many years. It is different at Fresh View Solutions.



I want my customers to see the difference between Fresh View Solutions and other collection agencies. I understand that debt can be stressful, so I try to understand each customer’s circumstances.



I like the people I work with at Fresh View Solutions. I enjoy helping customers. It makes my day when the customer tells me thank you, it’s a good feeling.

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